Contrary to popular belief

Proteins present in chicken also help against bone loss.
14 Jun 2016

A'Saffa, Your Fresh, Healthy and Tasty choice!

A’Saffa Foods, Oman’s largest fully integrated poultry and Value added processed product producer leaves no stone unturned in its commitment to deliver superior quality products that are Natural, fresh and tasty.  A’Saffa Foods understands that infrastructure is the backbone of operations in poul...

14 Jun 2016

This Ramadan enjoy appetizing vegetarian savories fromA'Saffas Khayrat range

A’Saffa Foods, Oman’s largest fully integrated poultry producer and the leading processed food producer has an extremely healthy and delectable range of vegetarian delicacies under the brand name “Khayrat”. The brand’s Cheese Samosa, Vegetable Samosa, Vegetable Springroll, Vegetable Burger and other...

13 Jun 2016

A'Saffa Foods initiates the third year of Let Us Achieve Their Dreams - 3 on Facebook

A’Saffa Foods, the Sultanates largest fully integrated poultry and ready to cook convenience delicacy food producer, has been committed to helping children within the Sultanate with hope and opportunity right from the time of inception, as the company believes that children are an integral part of s...

13 Jun 2016

Khayrat Frozen Fruit Pulps from A'Saffa Foods, are a refreshing choice this summer

A’Saffa Foods, Oman’s leading food producer, has a wide range of delectable and refreshing Frozen Fruit Pulps under its ‘Khayrat’ brand that can be used in a wide range of food and beverage applications.  Fruits used in the brand’s Khayrat range are cultivated and harvested in the fertile and pri...


19 June, 2017

SufratA'Saffa campaign featuring Omans top restaurants Executive Chefs receives compelling response across social media
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19 June, 2017

A'Saffa Foods Atfal Club initiatives encourage children to follow healthy habits to lead healthier and happier lives
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