Contrary to popular belief

Chicken helps to strengthen our immune system.
05 Sep 2014

A'Saffa Introduces Chicken Franks for Curry

29 Aug 2014

A'Saffa Foods User friendly website provides in depth information

25 Aug 2014

A'Saffa Foods Back to School Campaign offers kids a whole some meal

05 Aug 2014

Khareef Festival Visitors Savour A'Saffa's wide range of snacks

21 Jul 2014

A'Saffa Foods wins AIWA award

19 Jul 2014

A'Saffa Foods launches its new Brand

16 Jul 2014

A'Saffa Foods holds Iftar for Staff

09 Jul 2014

A'Saffa Foods offers Khayrat Frozen Vegetable and Fruit product

03 Jul 2014

A'saffas foods sticks to safety standards

03 Jul 2014

Khayrat Fruit Pulp become a refreshing drink this summer


08 April, 2018

A’Saffa Chicken Nuggets are the first choice to ensure children in the sultanate and beyond eat fresh, pure and tasty
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01 April, 2018

A’Saffa Foods announces AGM results for 2017
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