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Chicken is a very good source of the cancer-protective B vitamin, niacin.

Frozen vegetables from “Khayrat” is a healthy choice for families

Posted on Dec 10, 2019

A’Saffa Foods’ “Khayrat” has an exciting range of frozen vegetable products. Handpicked from the best peaking crops in India and then quickly frozen (IQF) to ensure that they maintain their freshness. Khayrat Vegetables are packed, full with nutrition and are the perfect choice for healthy and beneficial ingredients for the body. The brand’s range of frozen vegetable products consists of some of the freshest picks which include Frozen Mixed Vegetables (a Mix of Green Peas, Cut Green Beans & Diced Red Carrots), Frozen Green Peas and Frozen Sweet Corn. Commenting on the Khayrat range of vegetable products, Eng Mohammed Suhail al Shanfari, CEO of A’Saffa Foods elucidated: “The name Khayrat means ‘the finest of crops’ or the ‘best quality ingredients’ and this is what we strive to provide for our customers in everything we produce. Over the past decade families across Oman have trusted us to bring them an exciting range of natural, healthy and high-protein products and we are very proud of having been able to deliver the same with our range of frozen vegetable products from Khayrat.” He continued, “Vegetarianism has been a growing trend for several years now, whether it’s consumers on gluten-restricted diets or simply those looking to reduce calorie and carbohydrate impact. Khayrat was thus introduced as a convenient option for these consumers, and we’ve taken it a step further by providing several vegetable varieties and Vegetable Ready to cook Snack food so they have multiple options. We take great pride in our food products and we will continue our tradition of serving family-favourite foods that are healthy and wholesome.” Frozen vegetables are one of the healthiest ways for families to get their daily dose of nutrition and vitamins. Through the Khayrat range of frozen vegetables, A’Saffa Foods unlocks the wonders of vegetables and makes them accessible and enjoyable to everyone, every day. Using vegetables picked and frozen at their freshness peak, the Khayrat range continues to make vegetables an important part of everyday meals in the Sultanate and beyond.

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