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A’Saffa Chicken – Bigger is better, healthier


When it comes to buying chicken in Oman – the nation’s number one producer A’Saffa Foods – is advising the general public that bigger really is better when considering what size bird to buy in the supermarket.

A typical A’Saffa chicken is much larger than many of its imported counterparts – but offers significantly more value to Omani families when they are selecting chicken in the supermarket.

In smaller chickens in the market place – those of a 600g to 700g size – as much as half of the weight is made up of the bones with only 50 per cent being edible chicken meat on the bird.

A’Saffa chickens are rightly grown in size and are from 1000g to 1500g grams in size and provide 50% more meat as they are rightly grown chickens – giving the customer significantly more value for money and up to 50% more chicken to eat when they buy from A’Saffa.

It also ensures real value for money for bigger families looking for a bigger chicken to feed a large number of children and ensure they have a greater intake of protein from the more tasty chicken flesh available on the larger bird.

“Our chickens grow larger and have more tender meat on them because of the way we feed and develop them before slaughter at our state of the art farm at Thumrait using 100 per cent Halal techniques,” explains Sidhartha Lenka, A’Saffa Foods Head of Sales and Marketing.

“This means that in percentage terms there is significantly more meat on our chickens than smaller birds – which gives the Omani customer a lot more value for money in addition to the flesh being much more tender and having a better taste and being healthier for the consumer,” he added.

A’Saffa Foods has been a pioneer in the production of quality poultry products since the company established its operations in 2004 and is now an acknowledged leader in the poultry market in Oman and rapidly growing its international presence in the GCC and beyond.

One of the keys to the taste and quality of A’Saffa Foods chicken products is the fact that all chickens at the state of the art facility in the south of Oman are fed on 100 per cent natural feed (Yellow corn & Soya) – that plays a major role in the superb taste of the chickens and ensures that consumers are buying a natural and tasty product.

Mr. Lenka added: “We have always been totally committed to the production of the highest quality chicken for our customers here in Oman and across the region. Our research has shown the importance of ensuring the quality of the feed we give the birds that is good for them and ensures an excellent product for families and individuals.

“This means we are able to ensure we offer our customers the best value for money, better taste and the healthiest possible chicken product as part of a balanced and healthy diet.”

A’Saffa is also able to guarantee that its chickens when the product appears on the shelves it is just one day old direct from its farm at Thumrait – either fresh or frozen – and are guaranteed to be the healthiest, natural and 100 per cent real Halal product available in the market.


A'Saffa encourages Omani families invested health


A’Saffa Foods, Oman’s leading producer of poultry, is urging families to ensure they invest in their health this summer and don’t compromise when it comes to buying the healthiest and most natural chicken products in the Sultanate.

Senior officials at the company believe that eating natural healthy products like A’Saffa chicken is one of the keys to enjoying longer life and a healthier and more energetic lifestyle for everyone.

The modern Omani consumer is used to buying quality brands for the widest variety of their requirements from shoes to clothes and sunglasses. But when it comes to buying healthy food to look after the wellbeing of their family there are times when some Omani customers choose the cheapest imported products.

Sidhartha Lenka is Head of Marketing and Sales for A’Saffa Foods and says: “As a business we have always put healthy eating at the top of our agenda ensuring we deliver to the Omani public the very best quality and halal products.

“When consumers buy A’Saffa fresh and frozen chicken or from our delicacies range they are assured of giving their families the very best products to help promote and support a healthy lifestyle while enjoying chicken that is 100 per cent natural and tasty.”

Mr. Lenka explains that one of the challenges that consumers face in the Omani market is that when it comes to chicken buying they sometimes may choose imported chicken products that do not have the same guarantees of quality or being healthy from being slaughtered according to strict Halal techniques.

He explains that with A’Saffa chicken customers can buy the healthiest, most natural and tasty chicken product in the market with the knowledge that it has been slaughtered according to strict Sharia’h compliant guidelines at the company’s state of the art farm at Thumrait in the south of Oman.

“All of our A’Saffa chicken is just one day old and supplied directly from our farms to supermarkets across the Sultanate, ensuring that our products are best product in the market,” added Mr. Lenka.

With so much food available on the shelves from all over the world, Omani consumers are being urged by the Sultanate’s fastest growing food company to put the health of the family and themselves first this summer.


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