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Proteins present in chicken also help against bone loss.

A’Saffa Foods is the first choice of Oman’s Rising Chefs

Posted on Jan 18, 2019

It is a widely known fact that using high-quality ingredients is the single most important way to provide healthier and tastier menus. This is especially true for the growing community of chefs who focus on health, innovation, creativity and vibrancy in the food they prepare. In keeping with this, A’Saffa Foods, the sultanate’s largest fully integrated poultry, snacks and allied food producer’s latest advertising campaign features the Sultanate’s finest rising chefs, who have completed their culinary studies at NHI; explaining their affinity to use A’Saffa chicken in their dishes.

“You can be the best chef in the world, but without great ingredients the dishes won’t be appetizing. Having built their competence and expertise in fully integrated poultry and food production, food processing and innovative food recipes, A’Saffa Foods is known for delivering fresh, flavorful, halal and healthy choices for consumers in the Sultanate and beyond; and the brand’s products are perfect for cooking some of our favorite Omani dishes. We are proud to be associated with a homegrown brand such as A’Saffa Foods, as we complete our culinary education at NHI”, averred Omani Rising Chefs – Abdul Aziz Al Balushi, Mahmood Al Wahaibi, and Mohammad Al Balushi.

“We’re proud to be the chicken brand of choice for some of Oman’s finest upcoming young chefs,” said Sidhartha Lenka, Head of Marketing and Sales, A’Saffa Foods. “A’Saffa Foods is a 100 per cent homegrown Omani poultry brand focusing on the corporate philosophy - ‘Core values of Healthy Food, Health and Happiness’, and our success is based on our ‘100 per cent promise’ and its three pillars – ‘100 per cent halal, 100 per cent natural and 100 per cent tasty’ and ‘100 per cent No Promise’ – ‘No Hormones, No preservatives or colours or additives, and No water injections to increase bird weight’. Each and every A’Saffa product is produced, packaged and transported to a wholesaler or retailer keeping health, freshness and safety in mind. We hope the testimony of some of the sultanate’s youngest culinary experts will encourage people to cook with A’Saffa chicken that is available to them at their doorstep”. It is noteworthy that imported chicken takes more than a month to reach the GCC and cannot be considered fresh. A completely home-grown Omani brand on the other hand, A’Saffa chicken, comes fresh from the farms to reach your nearest shopping outlet daily, ensuring that you obtain the freshest and tastiest product possible. A’Saffa chicken are bred and raised in Oman on natural feed. No hormones, No preservatives, No colour or additives are added in it, thereby ensuring that they reach you, your family and friends 100 per cent halal and fresh every day.

Chefs are at the heart of a food business - developing products and recipes, and inspiring people to cook delicious, nutritious meals at home or at your favorite dining restaurants. Being a dedicated and responsible foods business - A’Saffa Foods, has entered into an agreement with National Hospitality Institute (NHI) to provide a platform for recognition and growth, of the sultanate’s finest aspiring chefs under its campaign - ‘Oman’s Rising Chefs’. Through the partnership, A’Saffa Foods aims to encourage young Omani chefs by providing them with an ideal promotional platform to showcase and do what they love, while providing them with the opportunity to stand-out from the crowd.

To know more about A’Saffa Foods and stay up-to-date on the brand’s ‘Rising Chefs’ campaign, latest happenings and contests visit A’Saffa’s website - www.asaffa.com; “Like” A’Saffa Foods on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pages/ASaffa-Foods-SAOG-OMAN/; and follow the brand on Twitter on @asaffaoman and Instagram on @asaffa_foods.

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