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Chicken helps to strengthen our immune system.

Enjoy a crispy and delicious meal from “A’Saffa Zingle chicken range”

Posted on Dec 10, 2019

Renowned for providing the sultanate with fresh, tasty, healthy and pure food products since inception - A’Saffa Foods has a tasty and versatile range of chicken products under its A’Saffa Zingle chicken range. Comprising Fillets, Strips, Popcorns, Drumettes, Lollipops, Popcorn and Strips, A’Saffa’s Zingle chicken range is available at leading supermarkets across the country. Marinated for optimal tenderness the A’Saffa Zingle Chicken Fillet is specially formulated to cook evenly and is a favorite with the young and Adults. The Zingle Chicken Lollipops serve as an appetizing and tasty starter at meal times. Part of a chicken wing that looks like a mini-drumstick the savory Zingle Chicken Drumettes on the other hand is a perfect main-course accompaniment. A’Saffa’s Zingle Chicken Popcorn is a bite-sized snack that is made with marinated chicken, covered in an extra crispy coating and tossed with savory flavors that deliver on taste in every bite. With the A’Saffa Zingle Chicken Strips customers can expect a succulent strips of chicken, rolled into a crispy and delectable batter that can be fried to golden perfection, and eaten together with a sauce of choice. A favorite with families that enjoy crispy and spicy chicken - the A’Saffa’s Zingle chicken range is quick and convenient to cook, and is hygienically processed from the purest, premium natural ingredients and aromatic spices. The range has been produced using the latest research and studies, making a crispy and spicy dish for families whilst keeping brand’s tasty, healthy, 100% natural and pure stance. It is worth mentioning that A’Saffa Foods has a strong a strong market share in the Omani and GCC market as it offers high quality products of fresh, delicious and healthy poultry products, where A’Saffa Foods is a leading company in the production of food products in Oman and its products are widely accepted by Local and GCC consumers.

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