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Khayrat Beef Seekh Kababs, ready-to-cook, are a tasty treat for Mughlai cuisine fans

Posted on May 25, 2019

A’Saffa Foods, the sultanate’s largest fully integrated poultry and allied food producer’s popular ready-to-cook Khayrat Beef Seekh Kababs are a tasty treat for Omani and Expatriate families. If you’re a fan of Mughlai cuisine, you must certainly try this spicy and tangy tasting Beef Seekh Kabab that is sure to delight your taste-buds instantly.

Sidhartha Lenka, Head of Marketing and Sales, A’Saffa Foods said: “There is a growing demand for quick and easy-to-cook meal solutions and convenience seems to be the biggest driver of the growth; along with the price and quality proposition that Khayrat range offers. Whether it’s a large gathering, a simple get-together or the urge for a delicious lavish meal, we are able to fulfil all this at a fraction of the cost that one would normally pay eating out. That’s not all - our unique traditional flavors, spices and recipes cater to the taste buds of the Omani as well as expatriate community.”

Superior in taste, purity and freshness, Khayrat range of products are a tasty, convenient and time-efficient food option. The name Khayrat means ‘the finest of crops’ or the ‘best quality ingredients’ and this is what A’Saffa Foods strive to provide for customers in everything they produce. The other high quality range of beef products under the Khayrat range include – Beef Chapli Kebabs, Beef Meat Balls, Beef Franks, Meatballs, Tender Beef Cubes, Beef Burgers, and Beef Mortadella to name a few.

Oman, like the rest of the GCC is a great market for the Khayrat range of products such as the Khayrat Seekh Kabab, because of the diversity it promises to families looking for ready-to-cook and eat options. Not just this, with consumers becoming more quality and taste conscious, the fresh, pure and tasty Khayrat Beef Seekh Kababs and allied products continue to be immensely popular.

That’s not all - A’Saffa Food products are not just delicious, but just as nutritious and hygienic. All the brand’s products are halal and maintain the highest quality standards. With utmost commitment to brand values of quality, the company has championed customer satisfaction and quality assurance emerging as one of the market leaders in Oman.

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