Contrary to popular belief

Chicken is a rich source of niacin, a B-vitamin that protects the body against cancer.
23 May 2019

A'Saffa Foods hosts the Annual Iftar Event for employees

21 May 2019

A'Saffa Foods holds iftar for employees

16 May 2019

A'Saffa Foods is committed to its 100% Promise: 100% natural, fresh, healthy and tasty products

16 May 2019

'Khayrat' frozen fruit pulps from A'Saffa Foods are a refreshing choice

14 May 2019

A’Saffa Foods is committed to its 100% promise

07 May 2019

A'Saffa chicken, your fresh, healthy and tasty choice this Ramadan

01 May 2019

A’Saffa management team wins Football tournament

29 Apr 2019

Khayrat Frozen Fruit Pulps from A’Saffa Foods, are a refreshing choice this Ramadan

24 Apr 2019

Enjoy Ramadan with A’Saffa Foods

15 Apr 2019

A’Saffa foods Supports Madayn’s walkathon


25 July, 2019

A’Saffa Foods appoints new Head of Marketing and Sales
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15 July, 2019

Enjoy a crispy and delicious meal from “A’Saffa Zingle chicken range”
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