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A’Saffa Foods wins prestigious Cobb Champion Award in the Middle East region

Posted on Jul 05, 2020

A’Saffa Foods, the largest fully integrated poultry producer in the Sultanate, is delighted to announce that the company has won a prestigious international accolade – the Cobb Champion Award for Excellence in breeder (parent birds) performance recently. The Cobb Champion awards recognize annual world-class performance at breeder, broiler and hatchery level in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It is noteworthy that A’Saffa Foods’ award winning flock of 23,750 Cobb500 parents on the BBP-D farm peaked at 86.72 percent and laid at over 80 percent for eight weeks, achieving 141.04 chicks / bird housed to 60 weeks. The presentation took place at the A’Saffa Foods’ Frams/plant in Thumrait, Salalah and was attended by senior management personnel including chief executive officer Dr. Nasser Al Maawali. “A'Saffa Foods has a long and committed history with Cobb and the Cobb500 genetic package,” said Matthew Wilson, technical services director for Cobb in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “They have shown over many years excellence in management and performance to achieve the optimum genetic potential from our product. The association between A'Saffa Foods and the Cobb Europe management team in the Middle East continues to benefit from a trust and partnership that enables both companies to expand in the region successfully.” Dr. Nasser Al Maawali, CEO of A’Saffaa Foods elucidated: “We would like to thank Cobb-Vantress Inc for conferring us with this coveted award. The parent bird (breeder), is the beginning of the back end production value chain processes, as a healthy mother lays healthy eggs, leading to healthy broiler birds. Our winning of the prestigious Cobb Award in the Middle East region is testimony to our brand’s uncompromised quality, stringent manufacturing standards and conformity to international specifications, and will continue our commitment to achieving “Excellence” and setting new benchmarks in all activities aimed at achieving consumer satisfaction and delight”.

A’Saffa Foods is accredited and certified by the international certifying body TUV and has been given the ISO 9001:2008 - Total Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 - Environmental Management System and HACCP - for Food Quality and Hygiene. The company have a fully integrated feed mill, processing plant and further processing facilities, and place 165,000 breeders a year – all Cobb500 – and is also embarking on expansion plans to reach a broiler rearing capacity of eight million per cycle. Known for producing Oman’s freshest chicken and allied products, A’Saffa Foods has a highly trained on-site medical team and experienced scientists at their farms, who monitor the health of the chickens daily to ensure that they are kept free from disease, have the right balance of feed and water; thus ensuring that the final product that is delivered to the consumer is healthy, natural and pure. Located in Thumrait (Oman), the A’Saffa Foods plant produces high-quality fresh and frozen poultry products. One of the reasons for the remote desert location of the plant in the Dhofar Governorate is to ensure that the most stringent ‘biosecurity’ measures are in place at the facility. Placing the farms far away from human habitation, migratory bird routes and other developments enables the company to minimize any potential risk of contamination or disease that could impact the farms that are located across a 40 square kilometer site. The infrastructure at A’Saffa Foods plant includes parent farms, feed mill, environmentally controlled sheds (EC Shed), hatchery, halal certified slaughter house, modern (fully automated, untouched by hand) processing plant, R&D centre, disease diagnostics and feed analytical labs. A’Saffa birds are fed with 100% natural ingredients that are also manufactured at the A’Saffa Feed mill, all throughout the raising period to ensure that the chickens are healthy and as close to organic as possible. As a company that adheres to religious, healthy and ethical practices - A’Saffa prohibits the use of chicken waste by-products and recycled animal waste feed substitutes for feeding its birds. Meticulous attention to detail, high biosecurity standards and stringent quality control checks at their plant ensure that the chicken that reaches end-consumers are fresh, natural, halal, healthy, tasty and safe. That’s not all, customers who buy A’Saffa products – frozen or fresh – can also be assured that during the production process, no hormones, no steroids, no preservatives, no colors and no flavors of any kind are added to the products.

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