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Chicken is a rich source of niacin, a B-vitamin that protects the body against cancer.

A'Saffa Foods is committed to its 100% Promise: 100% natural, fresh, healthy and tasty products

Posted on Jul 05, 2020

A’Saffa Foods, Oman’s largest fully integrated poultry project leaves no stone unturned in its commitment to delivering superior quality products. Focusing on the corporate philosophy - “Core values of Healthy Food, Health and Happiness”, A’Saffa’s success is based on its “100% promise” and its three pillars - “100% halal, 100% natural and 100% tasty”. Having built its competence and expertise in fully integrated poultry and food production, food processing and innovative food recipes, A’Saffa is thus known for delivering fresh, flavorful, halal, and healthy choices for its consumers in Oman and beyond.

Eng Mohammed Suhail al Shanfari, CEO of A’Saffa Foods averred, “A’Saffa Foods leaves no stone unturned in its commitment to delivering superior quality healthy and natural products. A’Saffa poultry is raised in the company’s farms, which are equipped with the latest technologies in the field of poultry-rearing. They are supervised by technical workforces with extensive experience in the field. Even the feed consumed by our poultry is manufactured with natural ingredients at our company's feed unit.”

100% halal

Customers in Oman and across the GCC can be rest assured that they can buy every A’Saffa chicken and chicken products with the confidence that they are 100% hala and have been raised and slaughtered in accordance with Islamic Sharia’a. It is also noteworthy that birds are processed in a way that is hygienic, and ensure that the highest quality of packaging standards is applied, so that products reach an end-customer fresh and safe for consumption.

100% natural

Known for producing Oman’s freshest chicken and allied products, A’Saffa Foods also has a highly trained on-site medical team at their farms that monitors the health of the chickens daily to ensure that they are kept free from disease, have the right balance of feed and water; thus ensuring that the final product that is delivered to the consumer is healthy, natural and pure.

100% Tasty

A’Saffa adheres to religious, healthy and ethical practices. Meticulous attention to detail, high biosecurity standards and stringent quality control checks at their plant ensure that the chicken that reaches end-consumers are fresh, natural, healthy, tasty and safe. That’s not all, customers who buy A’Saffa products – frozen or fresh – can also be assured that during the production process, No hormones, No steroids, No preservatives, No colors and No flavors of any kind are added to the products, thereby ensuring their chicken or allied product is both healthy and tasty.

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