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A'Saffa - Omans 100% natural, halal, fresh, healthy and tasty choice

Posted on Jun 01, 2020

A’Saffa Foods, Oman’s largest fully integrated poultry project is known for its commitment to delivering superior quality products that are 100% natural, fresh, healthy and tasty. Emphasizing their corporate philosophy - “Core values of Healthy Food, Health and Happiness”, A’Saffa’s success is based on its “100% promise” and its three pillars - “100% halal, 100% natural and 100% tasty”.

Sidhartha Lenka, Head of Sales and Marketing at A’Saffa Foods averred, “A’Saffa products are produced, packaged and transported to a wholesaler or retailer keeping health, freshness and safety in mind. Having built our competence and expertise in fully integrated poultry projects, food processing and production, and innovative recipes, A’Saffa Foods is known for delivering fresh, flavorful, halal, and healthy choices for its consumers in Oman and beyond.” He elaborated, “Consumers must realize that imported chicken, takes more than a month to reach the GCC, and cannot be considered fresh. A completely home-grown Omani brand on the other hand - A’Saffa chicken comes fresh daily from the farms to reach your nearest shopping outlet, hence ensuring end-consumers obtain the freshest and tastiest product possible.”

100% halal

A’Saffa Foods specially employ trained Muslim staff to slaughter chickens by hand at their farm ensuring that the staff member pronounces ‘Bis miallah Allah ho Akhbar’ whilst facing ‘Makkah’ during the slaughtering of each individual bird in accordance with Sharia’a principles. Customers in Oman and across the GCC can thus be rest assured that they can buy every A’Saffa chicken and chicken product with the confidence that they have been raised and slaughtered by hand using actual halal techniques in accordance with Islamic Sharia’a.

That’s not all - through A’Saffa’s ‘real halal’ methods, a bird’s slaughtering is done by hand from the top of the neck ensuring each drop of blood and toxin flows out of the bird and is hygienic for consumption. Most companies use mechanical devices to slaughter poultry which is contrary to the strict guidelines that should be carried out to ensure that birds are slaughtered in accordance with proper Islamic Sharia’a. 3 to 4 out of every 100 chicken die before slaughter when electrical shocks are given to the birds (stunning), and this goes unnoticed in mechanical slaughtering which means ‘halal’ is not guaranteed. A’Saffa ensures that all of their birds are slaughtered by hand using a knife, and processed in a way that is hygienic and ensures that the birds are of the highest quality and fit for human consumption.

100% natural

Located in Thumrait (Oman), the A’Saffa Foods plant produces high-quality fresh and frozen poultry products. One of the reasons for the remote desert location of the plant in the Dhofar Governorate is to ensure that the most stringent ‘biosecurity’ measures are in place at the facility. Placing the farms far away from human habitation, migratory bird routes and other developments enables the company to minimize any potential risk of contamination or disease that could impact the farms that are located across a 40 square kilometer site.

Known for producing Oman’s freshest chicken and allied products, A’Saffa Foods also has a highly trained on-site medical team at their farms that monitors the health of the chickens daily to ensure that they are kept free from disease, have the right balance of feed and water; thus ensuring that the final product that is delivered to the consumer is healthy, natural and pure. The infrastructure at A’Saffa Foods plant includes parent farms, feed mill, environmentally controlled sheds (EC Shed), hatchery, modern (fully automated, untouched by hand) processing plant, R&D centre, disease diagnostics and feed analytical labs. A’Saffa birds are fed with 100% natural ingredients that are also manufactured at the A’Saffa Feed mill, all throughout the raising period to ensure that the chicken are healthy and as close to organic as possible.

100% Tasty

Customers buying A’Saffa products - frozen or fresh - can be assured that during the production process, no hormones, no steroids, no preservatives, no colors and no flavors of any kind are added to the products. Also, no injection of water is given to the birds to artificially increase their weight, thereby ensuring that A’Saffa’s Chicken and allied products are both healthy and tasty.

Adhering to religious, healthy and ethical practices - A’Saffa prohibits the use of chicken waste by-products and recycled animal waste substitutes for feeding its birds. Meticulous attention to detail, high biosecurity standards and stringent quality control checks at their plant ensure that the chicken that reaches end-consumers are fresh, natural, healthy, and tasty.

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