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Proteins present in chicken also help against bone loss.

A'Saffa Foods Atfal Club initiatives encourage children to follow healthy habits to lead healthier and happier lives

Posted on Jul 05, 2020

A’Saffa Foods, the sultanate’s largest fully integrated poultry project, snack foods and allied products company continues to do everything in its journey to ensure that children in the sultanate and beyond follow healthy practices, to lead healthier and happier lives. In keeping with the same, the brand creates campaigns to encourage and foster healthy environments and help children and families develop healthy lifestyles under the brand’s Atfal Club’ (Kids Club) initiative.

Through their various initiatives that are live across the brand’s digital platforms; and that are available in the form of brochures and leaflets at schools, A’Saffa’s ‘Atfal Club’ aims to educate students on the importance of healthy practices, personal hygiene, physical activity, healthy foods and eating habits, nutrition, timeliness, respect and responsibility; as well as engage parents and families in these efforts.

“Children are a powerful force for change and can help create healthier environments for their parents, as well as the society at large”, said Sidhartha Lenka, Head of Marketing and Sales at A’Saffa Foods. “We are committed to helping families live healthier lives through the ‘Atfal Club’s various initiatives surrounding the same; and otherwise through our range of fresh, 100% halal, 100% natural, tasty, healthy and nutritious products.”

He elaborated, “By teaching young children about healthy practices - such as hygiene, physical activity and eating nutritious foods to name a few; we not only help children learn to be healthy, but also ensure that they are healthy to learn. We are pleased to provide children as well as their parents with resources that engage families and provide a healthier environment for students.”

The A’Saffa ‘Atfal Club’ has been conceptualized with the aim to educate children in the sultanate and beyond on the importance of healthy practices, eating the correct foods, physical activity and provide nutrition education and awareness for all students, with the aim to foster healthy environments where children thrive.

As the acknowledged market leader and a trend setter in Oman and beyond, in the poultry sector, A’Saffa is a clear provider of valuable protein to an ever-increasing number of families and individuals across Oman. Not just this, customers enjoy a healthy and pure meal with A’Saffa as the chickens are fed with natural yellow corn and soya. A’Saffa Chicken have no steroids, no growth hormones, no artificial flavor, no preservatives or colour and no injection of water to increase birds weight, and prepared for consumption using true halal techniques that adds to the health quotient of the chicken. Thus also making it as close to organic as possible.

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