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Chicken is a very good source of the cancer-protective B vitamin, niacin.

A’Saffa’s ‘farm to table’ promise a for health conscious consumers

Posted on Jun 01, 2020

A’Saffa Foods S.A.O.G., the sultanate’s largest fully integrated poultry, snacks and allied foods producer has consistently been implementing its “farm to table” promise that demands following strictly defined standards and principles, from the primary production (Parent farms, hatching, breeding, feeding, processing and transportation) to the final stage when the end consumer purchases the product. As the acknowledged market leader in Oman in the poultry sector, A’Saffa Foods, is a clear provider of valuable protein, backed by the superior quality of its fresh and frozen chicken that continues to delight health-conscious consumers, as it reaches supermarkets and grocery stores in the shortest possible time.

The farm-to-table progression which A’Saffa chicken undergo is a fully vertically integrated process, meaning the company owns the processes under one roof and have control over every step of the process, including the parent farms. A’Saffa Foods is hence aware of how their chickens are being raised and what they’re fed. This provides the company with a level of traceability and accountability that is unparalleled. From the parent farms to hatchery, and from the hatchery to the broiler farms and to a consumer’s kitchens, A’Saffa Foods hence has an unbroken chain of quality and food safety.

It is also noteworthy that A’Saffa Foods bird nutritionists create an all-natural, high quality diet (yellow corn and soya) for their bird flocks which is formulated in the company’s own feed mills and delivered to the farms. The diet ensures healthy, optimal growth, and has no hormones and no steroids. Each and every product coming out of the farm is hence produced in line with strict production standards in conformance with local, regional and as well as global standards and regulations thanks to which the consumer is sure that the chicken they finally receive is a high quality and safe product.

Sidhartha Lenka, Head of Marketing and Sales, A’Saffa Foods elucidates, “With the number of health-conscious customers who consume only the freshest of produce on a rise, it is worth mentioning that A’Saffa Chicken come fresh from the farm daily; and have no steroids, no growth hormones, no artificial flavor, no preservatives, and are not injected with water to increase bird weight. That’s not all – A’Saffa Chickens are fed with natural yellow corn and soya; and are prepared for consumption using true halal techniques that add to the health quotient of the chicken. Thus also making the chickens as close to organic as possible.” It is essential that while buying chicken, a consumer should also take into consideration that imported chicken take more than a few weeks to reach the GCC, and cannot be considered fresh. A completely home-grown Omani brand on the other hand - A’Saffa chicken comes out fresh daily from the farms to reach one’s nearest shopping outlet.

A’Saffa Foods’ farm facility at Thumrait, in the south of Oman is the Sultanate’s largest fully integrated poultry farm built with stringent biosecurity measures and management systems, advanced scientific farm and feed management system, and Health management systems making the farm a disease free and healthy environment for the healthy disease-free growth of their birds. Having best-in-class technology and equipment at their plant, A’Saffa Foods SAOG is accredited and certified by the highly recognized international certifying body TUV and has ISO 9001:2008 - Total Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 - Environmental Management System, and is certified by HACCP - for Food Quality and Hygiene.

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