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A’Saffa Foods honors 32 of its employees with Long Service Awards

Posted on Aug 14, 2020

A’Saffa Foods recently organised a ceremony to felicitate 32 employees with ‘Long Service Awards’. The event was supported by Eng Mohammed Suhail al Shanfari, CEO, A’Saffa Foods and was attended by Executive Management and employees, at the company's headquarters in Muscat. A’Saffa Foods’ ‘Long Service Awards’ have been instituted to recognise and felicitate employees who have contributed and served the company for more than five and ten years. On the sidelines of the event, Al Shanfari said, “We are proud to have employees with more than 5 and 10 years of service. The long term affiliation of an employee positively affects the business and company's performance. It also helps us in future planning and the growth of an individual and the organization. At A’Saffa, we value the importance of diligent employees and the role they have played in the development and success of the company.” A’Saffa Foods’ Human Resource practices focus on nurturing and supporting its people to meet the company’s ambitious growth plans, through a wide variety of initiatives that cover all stages in the lives of employees as they train and hone the skills of their majority Omani staff. Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Ihab Al Sulaimani, who spent 5 years working at A’Saffa, said: “I thank the Executive Board of A’Saffa Foods for this honor, which confirms their keenness to increase the satisfaction of the employees who are the company's ambassadors. A’Saffa is like a home to us and the employees are like a family. The work environment in the office creates happiness and enhances our commitment to give more. I have spent five years working for A’Saffa, and each year I have noticed an increase in my level of ambition and motivation.” A’Saffa Long Service Awards is a tribute to the efforts of the staff and their dedication to the company's growth and prosperity. It is also an extension of the company's policy, which invests heavily in employees’ development programs. A’Saffa has always been an employee-focused workplace and the company places the well-being of its employees uppermost on its corporate credo. The awards also celebrate the milestone of a tenure that has been rewarding and enriching and epitomises an employee's loyalty to the organisation.

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