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Chicken meat is a good source of phosphorus.

A’Saffa organize special treat for Mothers in lieu of Mother’s Day

Posted on Aug 14, 2020

Mother’s in Oman witnessed special Mother’s Day pampering at a stall that was organized by the sultanate’s largest fully integrated poultry, snacks and allied food company - A’Saffa Foods, at the Marah Land recently. A’Saffa Foods’ team encouraged mums visiting the Marah Land with their kids to come along to their stall where they were treated to a sumptuous A’Saffa spread that saw healthy favorites such as chicken nuggets, franks, burgers and several other popular products from the A’Saffa Foods umbrella. The stall also had an exciting photo-booth installation that was a complete hit with social media savvy mothers and their families.

Sidhartha Lenka, Head of Marketing and Sales A’Saffa Foods said: “Mother’s Day is the one day of the year when all mother’s should have the opportunity to unwind and be recognized for all the rewarding and energy consuming efforts that goes into being a parent. Hosting a stall at Marah Land was our way to ensure mother’s don’t miss out on this opportunity to take a break and enjoy a bit of pampering by indulging in our fresh, healthy and tasty snacks and savories - that are not only good for their health, but also for that of their children and families.”

Grounded in mothers, children, families, friends and turning everyday moments into tasty celebrations - A’Saffa Foods constantly encapsulates the corporate ethos and philosophy of A’Saffa Foods “Healthy Food, Health and Happiness”, and highlights the values of family in all of its communication campaigns and on-ground initiatives.

It is noteworthy that A’Saffa chicken reach shopping outlets near you, fresh from the farms daily and are continually checked for safety and quality throughout processing and packaging, and other back-end value processes. Only then are they transported to grocery stores, supermarkets, high-end restaurants, and finally make their way to the end-customer’s table. What’s more is that A’Saffa chicken are raised without cages in bio-secured, disease free environment, natural fed (yellow corn and soya), with no animal waste recycled by-products feed or any other feed substitutes, no growth hormones, and is fresh, real halal, healthy with signature tenderness and taste as guarantee.

“It is important to state that not only are A’Saffa Foods’ slaughter house and processing plant “Halal certified”, but even our farm and processes are ISO 9001:2008-certified for Total Quality Management systems, ISO 14001:2004-certified for Environmental Management and HACCP-certified for Food Quality and Hygiene. Our chicken are slaughtered by hand, strictly according to Sharia principles, with no electric current being used, and are subsequently cleaned, prepared, chilled or frozen and packed, with no preservatives and no artificial flavoring is used to enhance their flavor; and no water or any other substance is injected to increase the bird’s weight. Hence ensuring that our customers receive a chicken or product that is as close to organic as possible”, elucidated Sidhartha Lenka.

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