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Chicken regulates hormone metabolism.

A'Saffa Foods Campaign on Social Media Spreads awareness on No to Food Waste

Posted on Jul 05, 2020

A’Saffa Foods, the Sultanate’s largest fully integrated poultry producer of fresh, chilled and frozen chicken and the biggest Snack food plant, and allied products has recently launched a one-of-its-kind public service campaign on its social media channels – ‘A’Saffa says No to Food Waste’, to combat food waste from consumers. The initiative hopes to encourage consumers to reduce the amount of food they unnecessarily bin in their homes, thereby saving the water, energy and money that are lost along with it.

“With small steps, we can save large amounts of food - and along with it, money and precious natural resources”, said Sidhartha Lenka, Head of Marketing and Sales at A’Saffa Foods. “That’s not all; altering consumer awareness and perception around the issue of food waste will have significant environmental, social and economic impact. It is thought provoking just how with a few simple measures around food storage, preservation, and use, home cooks have an incredible opportunity to reduce waste and minimize their environmental footprint.”   A’Saffa foods conservation campaign is spearheaded by an info-graphic titled - ‘Do I waste food?’ on its social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter. The info-graphic asks the reader to recognize, realize, and reconsider if they are wasting food, and provides them with the necessary advice to conserve resources and highlights some simple steps that can be taken to reduce wastage.   A’Saffa Food suggest Getting more out of your chicken, and can prepare more meals with a whole chicken. Find out how to avoid waste and get the most from a whole chicken by Cut, Shred, and Stock.   Some of the tips A’Saffa Foods lists for reducing food wastage in home kitchens include - freezing food correctly with a label and date to avoid wastage; refrigerating food at the right temperature to increase the life of food; measuring and cooking for perfect portions; investing in airtight containers so that leftovers can be used, and several more thoughtful everyday ideas to conserve food in one’s own home.   A’Saffa Foods suggestions for Food Corrections when we sometimes over season, burn or cook in excess quantities. These could lead to food waste. A few Food Corrections that can save your meal and avoid waste due to Over-salting, Burning and Leftovers More seldom than not we throw away flavoured yogurts or jars with a spoonful or more of sauces. Here are ways in which you can make the most of till the last drop. Reuse, Recycle. Rejoice.   Mr. Lenka continued, “Consumer awareness and education is the most important solution to reduce food wastage. We hope our posts on social media sites will make a difference and be the major contributor to change; helping reduce the wastage of food and resources in Oman in the long run.” A’Saffa Foods is the leading food producers in Oman and one of the bigger food producer across the region, and has been growing its business year on year based on the success of its chicken and diversified products that use the best quality ingredients that are natural, healthy, nutritious, pure, safe, tasty and 100 percent real halal. A’Saffa Foods success is based on its non-compromising principles, corporate social responsibility standards, and business ethics that keep in mind religious beliefs, the rich Omani traditions and culture, stringent quality control and the way its products are produced keeping a home-grown market in mind.

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