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A'Saffas Farm-to-table promise film reinforces quality back-end value processes

Posted on Jul 05, 2020

A’Saffa Foods, S.A.O.G., the Sultanate’s largest fully integrated poultry project and the biggest snack food producer’s latest brand film reinforces its “farm-to-table promise” has recently been unveiled across mass media. With the number of health-conscious customers who consume only the freshest of produce on a rise, A’Saffa Foods “farms to table promise” film communicates and reinforces the value back end manufacturing processes in the value chain which are the most essential element in the healthy, disease free production of tasty chickens fed on natural feed. The launch of the brand film is to sensitize our consumers of A’Saffa as the sultanate’s 100% homegrown brand that ensures that their chicken reach supermarkets and grocery stores ‘fresh from the farms daily’.

The animation film begins with a shot of A’Saffa fresh and frozen chicken products on a supermarket shelf, with an Omani lady choosing A’Saffa Chicken for her household purchases. The film then goes on to show the origins of the A’Saffa chicken that the lady is choosing from at the shopping aisle, depicting the entire range of back-end processes at the A’Saffa farm and processing unit at Thumrait.   The film illustrates all the processes and practices that go into ensuring that the end-consumer receives a fresh, healthy and tasty chicken in detail - right from the A’Saffa’s Parent farms, hatchery and feed-mill to the processing plant where the A’Saffa chicken are processed adhering strict halal sharia principles, quality checked and distributed in Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen.   Cutting back to the lady looking at the fresh chicken shelf and picking up a fresh whole A’Saffa chicken pack from the shelf, the film moves on to showing the lady placing the same in her kitchen’s oven, and then cuts to a family happily gathered around a dining table as the lady brings the main course – a juicy grilled A’Saffa chicken, for all to relish.   “It is noteworthy that A’Saffa fully integrated farm is located in the midst of the Nejd desert in Thumrait, Southern Oman, on a 40-square kilometre area”, said Sidhartha Lenka, Head of Marketing and Sales at A’Saffa Foods. “Only the best quality fertile eggs from the Parent farms are selected for the hatchery, to ensure that the best chicks go on to the A’Saffa bio-secured farms, where they are raised in a clean, cage-free, ultra-hygienic and climate-controlled environment. Here, they are raised on a nutrition-rich 100% natural feed of yellow corn and soya from A’Saffa’s own feed mill, with absolutely no steroids, no growth hormones and no animal waste recycled feed substitutes. Only when the chicken reaches the desired weight naturally, are they taken from the farms to the processing plant.”   He elaborated, “That’s not all - the A’Saffa Foods halal certified processing plant is also ISO 9001:2008-certified for Total Quality Management systems, ISO 14001:2004-certified for Environmental Management & HACCP-certified for Food Quality and Hygiene. Here, the chicken are slaughtered by hand, strictly according to Islamic Sharia, and no electric current is used. They are then, cleaned, prepared, chilled and packed. No preservatives and no artificial flavouring is used to enhance their flavor, and no water or any other substance is injected to increase weight.”   A’Saffa chicken is naturally fresh, tender, juicy, healthy and tasty and continually checked for safety and quality throughout processing and packaging. Only then is it transported to grocery stores, supermarkets, high-end restaurants, and finally makes its way to an end-customer’s table. Be it - whole chicken or family’s favourite snacks - A’Saffa promises freshness, purity, health and happiness for the whole family, and turns everyday occasions into a tasty celebration!

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